Divine Life Malaysia

The Divine Life Society is a non-sectarian, spiritual organization established in 1953. It propagates the universal philosophy of its founder H.H. Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswathy Maharaj. It embodies the fundamental principles of all religions of the world. Membership is open to all persons of all faiths who aspire for a life of selfless service, discipline, enquiry, meditation and dissemination of universal spiritual knowledge. The society’s motto is Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realize.

The main thrust of the society’s goal is the dissemination of spiritual knowledge, to build a moral and ethical society by promoting, nurturing, sustaining and ensuring programmes and projects that contribute to the self-development of the individual particularly the youth of the community. The society since 1988 is actively pursuing a programme to establish a core of qualified spiritual tutors for providing this noble service to the community. To-date, the divine life movement in Malaysia has 20 sub-branches with members and devotees from all walks of life both in the rural and urban areas of Malaysia.

COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT                                                            

        Management Committee for 2014/15

PresidentH.H. Sri Swami Swayamjayananda
Vice President – H.H. Sri Swami Samyamananda
Vice President – Sri Perinpacumarasamy Arumugam
Vice President – Sri Dr Kumararajah Kandiah
Hon. Gen. Secretary – Sri Balashanmugam S Pemmulu
Hon. SecretarySri Rubagan Govindasamy
Hon. Treasurer – Sri Veeranaidu Ramandu
Hon. Asst. TreasurerSri Saravanan Murugiah
Hon. LibrarianSmt. Sathyapama S A Kanagarayar
Sri Parameswaran A Shanmuganathan
Sri Atputha Segamani
Sri Dr Pannirselvam Kanagaratnam
Sri Kunalan Krishnan
Sri Muniandy Veeranan
Sri Myilvahanam Rajaratnam
Sri Suresh Chandran



H.H.Sri Swami Swayamjayananda
Saraswathy Maharaj

Swami Guha


H.H. Swami Guhabhaktananda
Saraswathy Maharaj



H.H. Swami Pravananda
Saraswathy Maharaj